Durable and High-Quality Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Looking for a top-end brand of outdoor barbecue that is built to last and is highly versatile?

Whistler is the one we recommend. Known for its charming purple dial turners, this iconic range of barbecues will provide you and your garden posse years of memorable, crispy dishes and scents. 

When we are talking about ultra-high quality, immensely durable outdoor barbecues, we only sell the best of the best. Whistler fits the bill and will leave you with your mind blown and your taste buds in awe. 

Whistler Grills

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Whistler Cirencester 6 Barbecue Grill
£1,614.00 Was: £1,699.00
Whistler Cirencester 4 Barbecue Grill
£1,424.00 Was: £1,499.00
Whistler Bibury 5 Barbecue Grill
£2,754.99 Was: £2,899.99
Whistler Bibury 4 Barbecue Grill
£2,184.90 Was: £2,299.99
Whistler Bibury 3 Barbecue Grill
£1,899.00 Was: £1,999.99
Whistler Broadway Barbecue Grill
£855.00 Was: £899.99
Whistler Burford 5 Grill
£2,089.90 Was: £2,199.99
Whistler Burford 4 Grill
£1,757.40 Was: £1,849.99
Whistler Burford 3 Grill
£1,472.40 Was: £1,549.99
Whistler Tetbury Grill
£949.00 Was: £999.00

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About Whistler Grills

Whistler Grills works alongside a factory that has roots in the BBQ manufacturing industry stemming back to the early 90’s. Starting out in 1993 with a small workshop and few machines, the factory is now an industry leader, providing products and services for dozens of brands across the globe, with many years of experience in premium barbecue manufacturing and product design. This has not only allowed them to expand immensely and provide a 370,000 square foot factory with over 400 workers, but also gives them the confidence to design, build and continuously better our premium products. Such is our confidence in the manufacturing quality, we offer amazing warranties on all of our products.  

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