Durable and High-Quality Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Who doesn't love outdoor barbecuing during balmy summer days? Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our collections of barbecue grills are the top option for grilling up masterfully cooked dishes. From traditional backyard barbecue fare to eggs and bacon for breakfast, experience high-calibre grilling with our range of outdoor barbecue grills.

Whistler Grills

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Whistler Cirencester 6 Barbecue Grill
£1,614.00 Was: £1,699.00
Whistler Cirencester 4 Barbecue Grill
£1,424.00 Was: £1,499.00
Whistler Bibury 5 Barbecue Grill
£2,754.99 Was: £2,899.99
Whistler Bibury 4 Barbecue Grill
£2,184.90 Was: £2,299.99
Whistler Bibury 3 Barbecue Grill
£1,899.00 Was: £1,999.99
Whistler Broadway Barbecue Grill
£854.00 Was: £899.99
Whistler Burford 5 Grill
£2,089.90 Was: £2,199.99
Whistler Burford 4 Grill
£1,757.40 Was: £1,849.99
Whistler Burford 3 Grill
£1,472.40 Was: £1,549.99
Whistler Tetbury Grill
£949.00 Was: £999.00

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About Whistler Grills

Whistler Grills offer a premium range of high quality, luxury barbecues at affordable, competitive prices. Whistler Grills works with a factory with roots in the BBQ manufacturing industry dating back to the early 90’s. They started out in 1993 and now have 28 years of experience in premium barbecue manufacturing and product design. The many years of experience has not only allowed them to expand and provide a 370,000 square foot factory with 400 workers, but also gives them the confidence to design, build and continuously better their premium barbecue products.

Whistler grills believe that quality should always be at the forefront of the business and therefore make sure that they always use the latest laser cutting technology, allowing them to create exceptional products for our customers.  Such is their confidence in the manufacturing quality, that they are willing to offer exceptional warranties on all of their products. 

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