This natural pumice garden fireplace gives any outdoor place the insulation needed to have a safe and spectacular focal point of any garden. The relatively small footprint also means that this can be placed against any wall in even the tiniest of gardens or yards. The perfect furniture to give that elegant and classy look on your outdoor garden!

Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplaces

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About Schiedel

Schiedel products stand for longevity and sustainability. Their products create positive emotions and well being and customers can always trust in the high safety level of each products. At Schiedel, they care deeply about the environment; and they focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, low-energy solutions, like new filters, hybrid vents and thermo block stones. On top of products being valuable and useable, they also build products and experiences that are enjoyable – focusing on how the things they have created makes people feel. At Schiedel, they learn from and grow with their customers. Schiedel design and constantly adjust solutions that are based on customer needs, creating product features that exceed existing norms: clear, simple and effective design that radiates peace, improves well-being and saves space.

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