Outdoor pizza ovens

From balmy summer evenings spent with friends to cosy nights with family, every garden gathering is improved by the presence of an outdoor pizza oven. Your luxurious new oven will not only make a statement in your outdoor space but it’ll woodfire everything from delicious bread to exquisite meat. And naturally, it’s the best way to create home-cooked pizza with a crisp, chewy base and irresistible toppings of your choice.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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Fontana Fornolegna Outdoor Oven
£2,890.00 Was: £2,999.00
Fontana Forno Italia Outdoor Oven
£2,449.00 Was: £2,499.00
Fontana Gusto Outdoor Oven
£3,789.00 Was: £3,999.00
Sold Out
Fontana Marinara Wood Pizza Oven
From £2,349.00 Was: £2,499.00
Fontana Margherita Wood Pizza Oven
From £1,399.00 Was: £1,499.00
Fontana Ischia Wood Pizza Oven
£1,049.00 Was: £1,099.00
Fontana Capri Wood Pizza Oven
£1,295.00 Was: £1,399.00
Sold Out
Fontana Amalfi Wood Pizza Oven
£1,589.00 Was: £1,699.00
Fontana Margherita Gas Pizza Oven
From £2,079.00 Was: £2,199.00
Fontana Mangiafuoco Gas Pizza Oven
From £2,799.00 Was: £2,999.00
King Edward Colore Pizza Oven
£899.00 Was: £999.00
BULL BBQ Gas Pizza Oven
From £3,499.99

How to choose an outdoor oven

With more and more people enjoying idyllic outdoor meals at home, demand for outdoor ovens has exploded. As a result, there are more options than ever on the market, and deciding which outdoor pizza oven to buy can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

To choose the oven that’s right for you, start by considering whether you’d like a wood-fired, electrical or gas-burning oven. 

Wood-fuelled ovens are the more traditional choice and nothing quite beats that rich, earthy flavour your food will get from the wood as it burns. However, gas-fuelled and electricity-powered ovens are gaining in popularity thanks to their convenience. You can generally pay them a bit less attention while food is cooking than you have to with a wood-burning oven, plus it’s usually easier to control the temperature. 

But although they provide more consistent temperatures over longer periods of time, gas ovens can also take longer to heat than wood-burning ovens, while electric models are generally quicker at cooking but impart less flavour onto your food. There are plenty of pros and cons across the board, so it’s important to decide which features matter most to you before making a decision.

You should also think about the space your oven will be occupying. Check the dimensions of each oven as you browse online and use them to narrow down your list by choosing ovens that are an appropriate size for your garden or patio. Your oven shouldn’t be so big that it gets in the way of you using your outdoor space, but it can be a dominant feature in your garden – after all, a beautiful outdoor oven deserves to be the centre of attention. And remember that the greater the internal dimensions of your oven, the bigger your delicious meals can be.

Naturally, looks matter. When so much of the joy of using your pizza oven outdoors comes from entertaining friends and family in the garden, you’ll want your oven to look the part. At Forno Boutique, our ovens come in a variety of colours and finishes – in fact, some of our models are available in more than 400 RAL colours, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting one that suits your space.

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