Whether it's public places, places of worship, terraces, production places or domestic environments, in the MO-EL catalogue you will find the right solution for heating and disinfestation. Everything is produced in Italy, respecting environmental sustainability.

MO-EL Infrared Heaters

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About MO-EL

MO-EL is based in Montecchio Emilia, a village raised on the river Enza nearby the Appennino mountains. 

Attentive to the environment, MO-EL scrupulously evaluate packaging and components also on the basis of their durability and recyclability. They put our efforts in making safe and strong outdoor products. They want their devices to last over time, because a robust item will not be wasted quickly, helping to save raw materials and energy.

In order to avoid wastage and increase the recycling grade of the products, MO-EL limit the number of components and select materials carefully. MO-EL apply the same principle to the packaging material and its enclosures.

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