King Edward Outdoor Ovens

Are you looking for the highest calibre modern pizza oven but TIME is of the essence? 

Do you have a large party to satisfy but prefer to have the convenience of electricity rather than deal with the time and mess inevitable with wood and charcoal fired ovens? 

For stone-baked pizzas with a difference, you can’t beat a classic King Edward outdoor oven. Made in the UK from the highest quality materials, these distinctive, modern yet traditional-style ovens really are the best of British – and they range from single-pizza models right up to ovens that bake two pizzas and warm a third one up simultaneously.

High end, modern, King Edward Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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About King Edward Pizza Ovens

Named for the iconic British potato, the King Edward brand was already the last word in elite quality ovens when it started making pizza ovens too – and now they’re some of the most sought-after outdoor pizza ovens on the market.

What makes King Edward outdoor ovens truly stand out is their beautiful old-school design, bringing a touch of class to any outdoor space. But their traditional exterior belies a very modern cooking performance, because this electrically powered collection includes features such as an independently heated cordierite base and thermostat controls for more efficient stone-based cooking.

Everyone from occasional outdoor cooks to would-be chefs will find something in the King Edward range, thanks to its choice of size and capacity options. You can also choose from classic black to postbox-red to make sure your King Edward pizza oven suits your outdoor space. Best of all, King Edwards are designed to be tall rather than extend outwards, meaning they take up less space on your countertop than other comparable models.

Once you’ve fallen in love with your new oven, you’re going to want to know how to look after it, so that you can keep it looking and cooking its best for longer. Luckily, caring for King Edward ovens couldn’t be easier, thanks to their stainless steel interiors and slide-out trays for easy removal and cleaning. Plus, these electrical models ensure there’s no mess created by burnt wood and ashes.

It’s no wonder this is a brand that’s hugely popular with businesses as well as private individuals – King Edward ovens often grace the kitchens of high-end restaurants serving up delectable stone-baked pizza. But despite its success, the company is still developing and making its ovens from its base in Herefordshire, with an emphasis on integrity, durability and reliability.

That’s why when you cook in a King Edward outdoor oven, you’ll find yourself eating delicious, authentic Italian stone-baked pizza that somehow feels as quintessentially British as the oven itself.

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