What Makes Brick Pizza Ovens Special?



Brick pizza ovens are one of the many options available to those looking to produce high-quality pizzas. Traditional brick pizza oven works on thermal mass and retained heat, when you light the fire in a brick pizza oven, the heat is absorbed by the structure of the oven, stored, and reflected during cooking. The traditional dome at the top of a pizza oven also helps the process by reflecting heat back down on the top of the pizza creating the perfect char and softness on the pizza.

Despite the fact that brick ovens are commonly associated with authentic, high-quality, and artisan pizzas, there are a number of “pros” and “cons” that are worth evaluating. Before you commit to a purchase, below detail the advantages of a brick oven and what makes it special.


Perfect Pizza

Brick ovens create the highest-quality pizzas out of the alternative types of commercial ovens. Pizza base is cooked from below by the fire’s heat, and the toppings are cooked by heat stored and emitted by the bricks. Due to this heat distribution, the pizza not only cooks quickly, but also seals moisture in and prevents a “soft” and overly “dough-y” texture from affecting the crust.


Good Reputation

Brick oven pizza is extremely popular and has a good reputation as something that creates 'real artisan pizza'. More often, customers are seeking out “authentic” and “artisanal” experiences, even if it comes at a slightly higher cost.  When you let slip that you are using a Brick Oven, you will instantly get a stamp of approval guaranteeing that people will instantly think that you're producing high-quality cuisine.


Low Cooking Times

Brick ovens can be operated at a range of different temperatures, but as a general rule, brick ovens run hot (from between 600F and 900F). Because of the comparatively high heat, brick ovens can finish cooking a pizza in just 3 minutes!


Minimal Heat Recovery

Heat spreads evenly throughout the interior of the brick oven, minimising the heat recovery period — assuming that your staff is adequately trained to handle baking with a brick oven (and know how to maintain the temperature of the brick oven at an appropriate level), you will effectively be able to remove and insert pizzas at-will.

If one of those sets of benefits stands out to you and your particular circumstances, then the Brick Pizza oven is for you!
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  • Ruthie Sescon