Summer Barbecue: How to have an epic barbecue party in spite of the pandemic.


Summer is around the corner. And what is summer without outdoor parties, barbecues, potlucks and picnics? Of course, due to the current pandemic and social distancing guidelines, summer parties will need to be organised a little bit differently from what we’re used to.

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Hosting an outdoor barbecue is a big responsibility in itself. Hosting one during the current pandemic; you’ll need sensible planning to ensure that everything works safely and well. Listed below are pointers on what to consider when planning a small gathering during these tumultuous times.



Set up Outdoors

There has never been a better time to organise a bbq party outdoors. With your trusty Whistler or Bull BBQ barbecue grill, you'll be perfectly poised for a summer garden party to remember! As per the experts, the continuous flow of fresh air outdoors lowers the risk of a virus circulating the atmosphere. Your garden is the perfect example. To prepare, always check for the weather forecast, make sure to look over possible rainfall and set your guests expectations as the party might move on another date due to weather issues.



Make a Comfortable Atmosphere

Always provide a comfortable seating, just make sure that it is placed at least 2 meters apart to adhere with social distancing safety protocols. Temperature is also one thing to consider. Even if you’re planning this during the summer, it still might be chilly at night. It is best that you have a portable outdoor fire pit bowl which you can easily install when the cold becomes too much to handle. 


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Prepare Delectable Food Choices

No doubt in mind that barbecue is the way to go. But the usual self-service scenario can’t work during this time. Preferably, you would have to assign someone to serve the food like in a buffet, this way possible transmission will be less likely. More importantly, you need the best barbecue grill to accompany you in cooking delicious meals. Go for a grill that is durable and can serve many parties to come.
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Ensure Hand Washing and Sanitising Area

Always have hand sanitisers scattered around. Also, allot a designated area where people can wash their hands or sanitise their items and equipment like phones, cameras, etc. 




Designate a rain-proof area

As much as we check the weather forecast, we’ll never know if it will rain. So it is best to set up a Plan B. If all else fails, designate an area with a roof (preferably still outdoor). It might be your patio, deck, gazebo or terrace.



Encourage Awareness

Make sure that your guest understands the rules around social distancing. Impose and encourage wearing of face masks. Avoid as much physical contact as possible and always follow safety protocols. 


It is understandable that everyone wants to socialise after periods of lock-downs. But, we need to take in that absolutely everything we do should be done with certain precautions. Most important: don’t forget to enjoy!

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