Delicious Non-Pizza Recipes You Can Cook On Your Outdoor Oven!



Your outdoor pizza oven is not only for pizza, you can use it to other amazing recipes too. There are many things that you can cook with a wood-fired oven, the only limit is your imagination. The smoke effect will add a distinct flavour to any recipes you wish to cook. You can make all those dreams recipes true when you realize what can be cooked in a pizza oven. Our range of Pizza Ovens is the ultimate cooking accessory, perfect for satisfying almost any craving. Here are some non-pizza ideas for making the most out of an outdoor pizza oven.




You can always make breads and pastries on your outdoor pizza oven. That's what a pizza after all. There’s quite simply a lot you can do with an open flame. Bread for example is one of the easiest thing you can create! 





Whether it’s a party or just any night, a good 'ol meat is always a perfect partner to a wood-flamed oven. You can try ribs, pork, lambchops, steak and chicken! Whatever choice of protein you chose. It will all comes up juicy and tasty from our amazing Pizza Ovens!







You can emphasize the flavour of any vegetables with an outdoor oven! The smoky with a slightly sweet bite will seriously leave you wanting for more. It's not always the main dishes that will take the limelight. Your vegetables should shine too!



Nothing’s better than feasting on a grand meal (or maybe, grand pizza) with your family and friends knowing that your meal will be delicious and made from your own hand. You can cook a hands down recipes from you great grand parents or something you just browse upon a cookbook and it will still taste awesome with the right oven!

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  • Ruthie Sescon