Gas, Wood or Electric - Which Pizza oven is suitable for you?


Though it’s evident that you can make a pizza easily in a toaster or in the kitchen oven, making a ‘real’ pizza needs more effort. Pizza ovens are designed to reach a high temperature and shaped to conduct heat efficiently. Plus, it is commonly placed outdoors wherein you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones while waiting for the artisan pizza to cook. 


However, choosing a pizza oven for your home is difficult especially if you don’t have an idea on what to get. One of the biggest things to consider is choosing between a wood-fired pizza oven, a gas oven or an electric oven. So what really makes them different? And what are the things to consider? Let us take a closer look between these pizza oven types and discern what would be the best pizza oven suitable to your needs.


 Wood-fired Pizza Oven


If you are looking for a more traditional type of pizza oven, the wood fired ones are the best for you. These are fuelled by charcoal, fire-logs, or dry hardwoods. It is also easy for wood-fired ovens to reach very high temperature without the need to preheat the oven. The smoke from the wood also adds flavour on the pizza or even steaks that you are cooking. 



  • Can reach a very high temperature in just a short amount of time.
  • The wood adds up a smoky aroma.
  • Perfect for Neapolitan Pizza
  • Eco-friendly, as burning wood doesn’t add up to carbon footprint
  • Authentic baking experience


  • Difficult to control the fire temperature.
  • Easy to burn foods.
  • Fire needs monitoring.
  • Needs constant cleaning of ashes and residue every cooking.

Best Wood-fired Pizza Oven


DeliVita is a hand-crafted wood fired ovens with variations of colourful exteriors. The oven itself is portable and only weighs 30kgs. Made from fiberglass and a fully waterproof shell with an exterior resistant to those dreaded hairline cracks, this magnificent wood-fired oven is built to last!


Voted as the most efficient pizza oven in the UK by Ideal Magazine, Mila can cook the perfect pizza. Built from a hardy fibreglass shell and  engineered to be weatherproof and UV-resistant, this state-of-the-art pizza oven will never let you down.

Grizzly Cubsters

What makes this oven different from other wood-fired pizza ovens is not only its design but also its unique gravity-fed hopper to continuously cook for as long as 15 hours. This means you can use it to cook not just pizza but also other ways of cooking like slow roast, sous-vide, or even as a smoker.


But a pizza oven is not just for pizza.  It can be used for a multitude of dishes, from bread to roast beef, to a baked pasta dish. 100% crafted in Italy, this pizza oven can cook  pizza as fast as 15 minutes with a stone floor temperature of 325°C.



Gas-fired Pizza Oven


If you want the char from a flame but don't appreciate the ash and soot from a traditional wood-fired oven - then choose, gas-fired pizza ovens. Gas fired pizza oven is fuelled by a Liquid Propane bottle or can be connected to the Mains Gas Line. With gas ovens you can get the traditional taste and a crisp crust from a traditional oven and the convenience of an electric oven.



  • Easy to ignite
  • Clean fuel, no ash and soot to clean up.
  • Easy to adjust flame size and temperature
  • Consistent flame to avoid burning food.
  • Faster preparation.


  • More expensive in the long term than wood-fired oven
  • It’s possible that you run out of gas in the middle of cooking.
  • High-maintenance


Best Gas-fired Pizza Oven


Not just wood-fired, Bull also offers its gas counterpart. With its gas power, it can bring up to 482.2°C of heat, the current highest in the market. It is made from a solid-weld stainless steel dome reinforced with a Corten steel panel in the cooking chamber. Bull gas pizza oven gives you a great result, with less hassle.



Electric Pizza Oven


Electric ovens are much more user friendly than their gas and wood counterparts. If you are looking for convenience and efficiency, electric pizza ovens are your soulmate. With a consistent and more controlled heat going inside the oven, the results are more uniform in terms of taste and cooking. However, unlike the 2 other types, it is hard to replicate the char in the pizza crust.



  • Convenient and easy to ignite a fire in just one twist of a knob
  • Fully adjustable and can control heat much easier
  • Less expensive to run in long term
  • Easy to operate and user friendly
  • Needs less attention


  • Can’t be used during power interruptions
  • Difficult to get the authentic crisp, char on the  pizza crust.


Best Electric Pizza Oven

King Edward

Made 100% in the UK, King Edward Pizza Ovens brings the best in quality and reliability. Made from the original cordierite stone base, this electrically-powered oven can serve a delicious pizza treat in just under 4 minutes!



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It can often be difficult finding the right oven for you. But remember, always be clear about what you really need before coming to a decision. We hope this comparison helps you and if you want to learn more, you can Contact Us or you can view our Pizza Oven collections.

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