Firepit Designs You Can Try On Your Garden



The chilly weather will be back before you know it! Whether you want to cook your food over an open fire or just snuggle up while you drink some beers, these simple designs will make a great addition to your garden ambience. A fire pit is inevitably the focal point of any garden, it's true. And there's always the option to DIY a pit but it wouldn't hurt to consider premium yet affordable fire pits. Below are our suggestions, of what are the best fire pit designs for your backyard layout and needs!




1. Steel Fire Pits


If you’re short on space in the backyard and have some experience working with metal, then Portable Steel Fire Pits are for you. They are compact and can stored easily. Don't get them wrong, they might be small but they can warm up the whole vicinity with wood, log or charcoal! The log storage under bowl is not only convenient but also helps create that cosy fireplace atmosphere. 



2. Fire Spheres


Satisfy your artistic ambitions with these elaborately designed fire pits. Intricate details surrounds the whole sphere and it become alive whenever the fire pit is lit. This is the perfect Fire Pit for you if you are an artistic soul by heart and want a centrepiece that will catch anyone's attention.



3.  Bar Fire Tables


If you are more keen on entertaining your guest while serving food then choose a Bar Fire Table. The table has enough space for guests to place their food and wine. You can surround the whole table comfortably and be enveloped by the warmth of the fire and friendly conversations. 



4. Fire Bowls


Who says Fire Bowls are only for decoration purposes? If you prefer a larger flame and want to flaunt your decorative media (lava rock, fire glass), then get a Fire Bowl that will not only attract attention but will also provide ample heat for your garden. 



5. Fire Tables


Who ever knew a table could be so beneficial? The space is wide enough for food, games and drinks. It is also lower so the seating is much more comfortable and the fire heat is well-distributed. Unlike the Bar Fire Table, they are not the first choice to serve as a dining table, though they are perfect for having conversations, roasting marshmallows, holding food, play card and board games, and more!



In the end, the best design of fire pit that fits your needs is always the one that charms your heart. Just keep in mind always that what you're getting is not just a hardy piece of equipment but also a place for you to relax and be with your family. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to have a fire pit that is both fun and functional. 
If you are still undecided on what fire pit design you should get, you can take a look at our selection of fire pits and pick one that works for your backyard.

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  • Ruthie Sescon