Fire Pits You Can Buy For Less Than £1000


Getting a firepit is a wonderful choice to create a stunning focal point and gathering spot to your garden. Most firepits are somewhat costly ranging from £1000 - £2000, particularly those made from natural stones or reinforced concrete, but there are also lots of inexpensive options that is not just budget friendly but also looks glamorous. Below, check out some of our favourite fire pits perfect for those on a budget!



1. Elementi's Aurora Black Fire Table

A sleek minimalistic black fire pit that shouts out full elegance? You would think that you need a thousand pounds for this! For only £839, you can stun your guests with the captivating beauty of the Aurora Black Fire Table.

2. Elementi's Ridgefield Fire Pit

Ridgefield Fire Pit - £689

Compact and can fit perfectly as a centrepiece! Surround it with comfy sofas, invite your closest friends and you're set for a night to remember! The sleek square design is easy to mix match with other decour. For £689, you'll get a cute firepit bang for the buck.

3. Brightstar Fires Vega Fire Pit

Vega Gas Fire Pit - £598

Inexpensive but definitely looks high class, the Vega Gas Fire Pit packs a powerful punch despite its small size. It is also very portable and you can easily make a campfire feeling all year round.

4. Gardeco's Isla Large Cast Iron Fire Bowl

Isla Large Cast Iron Fire Bowl - £179

For Traditional campfire fire pit, the Isla Cast Iron Fire Bowl is the best choice. Over time, the cast iron will produce a beautiful patina for a stunning rustic look. For only £179, feel a camping vibe just a few steps from your own door.

5. Elementi's Jefferson Fire Table

Jefferson Fire Bowl - £729

A fascinating circular fire bowl perfect as a gathering place for all your friends and family. The black colour gives a flawless background so the focus will be on the mesmerizing flames. You can enjoy fire watching in this magnificent piece for only £729.

6. Rawsaol's Wood Fire Pit

Rawsaol Wood Fire Pit - £290

This large, portable fire pit from Rawsaol can fold down into a flat package so you can easily store it or bring anywhere you want! Just pull it out once in a while whenever you feel like making smores on your backyard or you can bring it on your next camping trip!

7. Elementi's Westport Fire Bowl

Westport Fire Table - £839

Forget traditional fireplaces with all the smoke, ashes, and soot when you can now make a controlled eco-friendly flame with just one push of a button. What's more? you can fine-tune the flame with an adjustment knob on the control panel. Up to a maximum of 50,000 BTUs heat output! Perfect for the backyard, patio, deck, poolside, or other outdoor living space.

8. Elementi's Roca Fire Table

Roca Fire Table - £789

If you adore a good old-fashioned campfire but don’t want to have to stray far from home, then this fire table is your ideal patio partner! The Roca fire table of Elementi boasts of its 50,000 BTUs heat output. The bowl base shape is finished with textured concrete for a more organic ambiance. Worth it for only £789.


A fire feature is always a great addition to any outdoor spaces. It gives warmth, comfort and joy for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Whether you're on a budget or willing to spend more quid, what matters is the people you share the firepit with.


If you need some fire pit advice or some concerns, you can always contact us or you can check our blogs for more fire pit tips and ideas.

  • Ruthie Sescon

Steps To Prep Your Firepit This Winter!

Winter is just around the corner, but that should not stop you from spending quality time outside. Winter can be restricting, social activities and relaxation may seem to feel more comfortable inside your own home. But for those who own a firepit, or planning to have an outdoor fire pit, you can always have the fun outside your garden. 

If you own a firepit, you'll get a free pass to enjoy your patio or garden outside. The fire will give you enough warmth for relaxation, good conversation and perhaps an outdoor party with roasted marshmallows and hot cocoa. So before the winter starts, take time to get you firepit ready and in perfect condition for some chilly winter party!


Photo:  Brightstar Fires English Country Sphere

1. Clean your Firepit

Remove dried leaves, rocks or dirt from the burner. Look for any debris or foreign materials that may somehow find its way into your firepit. Makes sure to also clean your decorative media. If you are using a fire glass, you can soak it into a bowl of warm water and mild detergent to remove any built-up grimes. If you're using ceramic logs, clean it with a damp cloth and detergent then rinse. For lava rocks, simply put them in a bucket, add water and a bit of mild detergent and soak them a bit to remove dust and some buildups.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that you dry your decorative media before using especially the lava rocks. Moisture inside can cause the rocks to pop out quite violently. After washing, lay them out in the sun for a few days to dry out.


Photo: Elementi Manhattan Fire Table

2. Inspect your firepit

Check your gas fuel, gas line and gas valves. Check thoroughly for any signs of damages. You also need to check your burner's port hoses for any obstruction or debris that might cause a problem. 

Photo:  Elementi Carrara Porcelain Fire Table

3. Put a protection cover

Before you use your firepit this winter, always make sure that they are properly protected from inclement weather and other elements. Having a protective cover or a burner lid keeps your firepit in a good condition all year.


Photo:  Brightstar Vega Gas Fire Pit

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is always the key in getting the most out of you firepit. To enjoy them this winter, you have to ensure that you maintain them properly throughout the whole season. For more tips on how to maintain and clean you firepit, you can check our blog: Fire Pit Maintenance Guide: How to make your fire pit last for many seasons.



Invest some time to prepare your firepit this winter. It's worth the effort when the chilly weather comes and you get to spend the holiday season with you love ones around a spectacular firepit that not just brings warmth but also comfort and fun.

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  • Ruthie Sescon